Mark your calendars! We are returning on 27 – 29 SEP 2019, part of Malmö Game Week!
More information on activities to be followed soon.

Meet Lillithy on Sunday!

At 12:00 – 17:00 one of our favorite twitch streamers, Lillithy will be coming by the event if you want to meet her! She will be at the Female Legends expo booth at that time, playing a few games, and ready to say hi to…

Join our Discord!

At the event we will have online support, and tournament announcements for you to follow! You will get the links to the tournaemnt signups and be able to chat with us to get a handle of when things happen during the event! Join us on…

Join Malmö LAN Discord

Don’t forget to join our official Discord server at Our discord is the portal to play all tournaments and easy get reach of Malmö LAN Staff. If you have any question don’t be afraid to reach out! You will always find us at the Crew disk next to the…

Roleplay at Malmö LAN!

Come and roleplay with Rollssällskapet! We are an association from Malmö that plays roleplaying games like D&D, Vampire, Mutant and many more! We will be holding Dungeons & Dragons games during Malmö Lan and togetherwe will go on epic adventures! So do you want to…

Representera Malmö FF i E-svenskan 2019

För första gången någonsin kommer Malmö FF att kontraktera spelare inom e-sport som kommer att representera föreningen i E-svenskan nästa år. En eller två utvalda spelare kommer att få ett avlönat kontrakt och försvara MFF:s färger i Sveriges största FIFA-turnering E-svenskan som pågår under våren…

Now or Never – XTRFY brings 50% discount

To boost Malmö LAN XTRFY brings us the campaign now or never. Today Thursday 25th of October. From 18:00 until  Friday 23:59 all BYOC tickets have 50% discount. XTRFY will pay for the last 50% of your ticket, thanks XTRFY! Make sure to grab your ticket at…

SEP 27TH – 29TH

The BYOC lan will go on for 24/7 until we close on Sunday. Day pass guests will have opening hours which can be found here. There is something for everyone that loves games!


There is a combo of creative, esports, and cozy LAN planning going into making sure that there is something to do for everyone! The main stage will in the same hall as the LAN!


With 500 seats, and tonnes of tournaments, we also want people who just want to come by and chill at the event! All our tournaments will be BYOC tournaments, but there will be activities all around!

Malmö LAN 2019