FIFA 2019
MALMÖ FF Qualification Tournament

Practical Information

Tournament Date: November 3rd
Tournament Location: Baltiska Hallen (Malmö LAN)

Check in at 13:00 – 14:00 at the PS4 Arena inside the BYOC Hall
Tournament Start time 15:00

If you want to participate in the FIFA Tournament, buy a “Tournament Pass”.

Tournament Prizes

The top two players will be invited to a top 8 tournament hosted by MFF at Stadion in Malmö, with a prizepool at 50 000kr and possibility to get signed by MFF themselves and represent them at the Swedish E-svenskan.

Prizepool: Total 5000 SEK (1st 3000, 2nd 1500, 3rd 500) & Top two players qualify for the MFF FIFA 2019 Grand Finals 

Tournament Rules

There are some key rules here that you need to be aware of!

You must be 16 years old at the time of the tournament to be able to participate

All players must check in to be able to have a spot in the tournament! No Check in no tournament! 

At 64 participants in the tournament, then we will be conducting direct knock-out. First round will be played in a best of two format like in Champions League without the the away goals rule. Should the results of the matches be a tie after two matches it will result in a 3rd match with a golden goal rule, if there are no goals however it goes on to penalties in the third match. From round 2 until the final it will be best of 3 matches. Tournament rules are exactly like playing FUT Champions online, FIFA eWorld Cup Stadium and will have all the standard settings.

Our tournament admins will make sure that all the consoles are set to the right settings before the tournament starts. With less than 40 participants we will be doing group stages where the best two players advance to round 2. In Round two it will be again best of 3.

If there are 40-63 players we will be running direct round with best of three matches. Our seeding is going to be based on making sure that the top ranked players do not meet the other top ranked players first off. Seeding will be merited based on former results from the Swedish FIFA eSport and results at international tournaments.

The tournament is run on a 1v1 basis up to the finals where the top 8 players will be playing the finals in a FUT format.The top 8 players will have access to fully unlocked EA account with access to all players at their disposal to set up their teams.

The Stream

The semi-finals and finals will be streamed live on stage at Malmö LAN.

The tournament will be streamed here: