The city of Malmö has with various unions, and different segments of the city lit the spark that will become the home for Malmö LAN. With the cooperation of the city the venue, and framework is set to create a unique event that can happen yearly and create an amazing event!

Event in Skåne is the center of event expertise and a collaborative partner of events in Skåne. We work to attract more, bigger and better events, exhibitions and conventions to the region. Working to co-create Malmö Game Week & Malmö LAN!

Founded in 1994, DreamHack is entering its 23rd year of operation. What started out as a group of friends in a cafeteria with no internet connection has blossomed into a global community of gaming, tech, and esports enthusiasts that come together over the course of a weekend to celebrate everything that makes gaming culture unique and diverse.

If you are interested in being part of Malmö LAN or want to reach out to someone at the event feel free to reach out to us on our Social Media channels!